Cooking Method: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

Recipes without meat, but may contain egg products.

Butternut Squash Soup Stock Photo

Butternut Squash and Chickpea Soup

Quick and easy soup for your toddler or puree for your baby. Enjoy with a whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich.

By avni-doshi

stock quinoa photo

Quinoa Khichdi with Veggies

A healthy blend of quinoa, lentils, and veggies! A quick alternative to regular rice khichdi. Easily pureed if need be. Can be spiced up for adults to make a relatively healthy comfort food! This is the go to in our house when our little guy is sick or I need to cook up a quick meal for all of us!

By Raveena Rihal

fennel and coriander seeds

Breastmilk booster and mouth freshener

A healthy snack made up of a variety of pan roasted seeds to boost your lactation.

By Sonal Kwatra

Hungry Nephew

Broccoli Puree

Easy broccoli puree for your baby. Appropriate for babies 8 months and older.

By Sonal Kwatra


Creamy tomato veggie pasta

Yummy, easy to make veggie pasta dish that is very forgiving--i.e., can play around with a lot of the ingredients. But you will always end up with a dish that your little one is sure to devour.

By Naomi


Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza

This thin, flaky crust pizza is soo good and easy to make you won't even want to go back to regular pizza! Our gluten free toddler can finally enjoy pizza, and even the adults will love it too. Although you can include any toppings, the pizza in this picture is topped with spinach and turkey pepperoni.

baby-clip-art-jpeg-345103babyssBy Alexa


Blackbean Corn and Spinach Cakes

Crispy, flaky, melt in your mouth blackbean patties, loaded with protein and iron.

baby after eating chocolateBy Brandy Garcia


Rice Pudding with fresh fruit

Creamy, sweet, and simple dish that your child will love for breakfast.

By Twinmama


Watermelon Sticks

Easy, summery, finger food for your child.

706100-Baby004By AileenWu


Grilled Cheese Triangles

Yummy and quick finger food when you are on the go. My toddlers actually dance when I give them these little grilled cheese triangles. Yup, arms go up, shoulders start shaking, and huge smiles.

baby after eating chocolateBy Brandy Garcia


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