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Carrot, Corn, and Butternut Squash Soup

Warm, hearty soup loaded with vegetables that your child will slurp up within minutes (if the adults in your family don't do it first!). Seriously guys, my kids have gotten into a rut, where they only eat pasta or rice. I finally tried out this soup and poured it into mugs for them to drink. I'm not sure if it was the yummy flavors of the soup, or that they got to drink it out of a mug, or some combination, but they drank it right up. THIS IS A KEEPER!!!

By Twinmama


Make Ahead Slow Cooker Tadka Masala (Indian Dish Flavor Base)

Tadka Masala is the flavor base for almost all North Indian dishes (think butter chicken, saag paneer, curry). It's the "secret sauce" if you will. The problem is a good tadka masala takes a lot of time to cook to get the rich flavor, generous amount of cooking oil, and you have to stay at the stove continuously stirring so the onions don't burn; but with kids who has the time, seriously?:) The slow cooker helps you achieve that rich flavor you are looking for without having to stay at the stove continuously stirring; you use way less cooking oil, and allows you to make enough to provide the base for 8-14 separate Indian dishes. I even add this to other non-Indian dishes like spanish rice, stir-fry's, marinara sauce, and it gives it incredible flavor.

By Twinmama


Breakfast maple turkey patties

Homemade maple breakfast patties that the whole family will love. Can freeze for later.

By Twinmama


Cous Cous with 4 veggie Purée

A healthy and delicious cous cous and vegetable meal packed with with carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins including selenium, Thiamin, Niacin, Folic acid, and manganese for active babies and toddlers!

By nina-bhagat

quinoa dosa

Quinoa Dosa

Nutritious Quinoa and Moong Dal (Lentil) Dosa with cheese filling. My LO, who is a very picky eater, loved this meal. Dosa is a fermented crepe typically made from rice batter and black lentils and is a staple dish in South Indian states.

By sasmita-choudhury


Homemade Fig Perserve

Best homemade fig preserve ever! Serve with morning toast or for kids lunches! Better than store bought!

By MomLoves2Cook

Stuffed parata with boiled potatoes and carrots

Stuffed Paratha with Boiled Potatoes and Carrots

Stuffed Paratha or Parantha (popular Indian flatbread) with boiled potatoes and carrots...takes a little practice but your kids (and hubby) will love it!

By MomLoves2Cook


Healthy Ragi and Date Halwa

A healthy brain food for toddlers 12 months plus. This delicious halwa (a sweet dish served across India and many other countries) is made of Ragi (also known as Finger Millet in the USA), which is packed with proteins, minerals & amino acids.

By nina-bhagat


Mini Meatballs

The most delicious meatballs you will ever have--period. My twins are at a picky age right now, they refuse most everything I make them. I was ecstatic when my son ate 4 of these, and my daughter had 3. The only problem was my husband kept wanting to eat them, and I had to keep reminding him we were saving them for the kiddos!

By Twinmama


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