Broccoli Puree

Hungry Nephew

Broccoli Puree

By Sonal Kwatra      , , , , , ,

May 14, 2015

Easy broccoli puree for your baby. Appropriate for babies 8 months and older.

Hungry Nephew


1 bunch of broccoli

2 oz of chicken or vegetable stock



1Cut and wash broccoli into pieces (you can keep some of the stalk) into steamer basket.

2Cover bottom of steamer with 2 oz of chicken or vegetable stock. Place basket in steamer and steam for about 15 minutes.

3Remove from steamer and place in blender of choice with remainder of chicken stock(I use a Nutribullet 900) and puree.

4Place into ice cube trays and freeze.

5I usually will serve with blueberries or butternut squash for my little one, he enjoys it either way!


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