Cooking Method: Nut-Free

Recipes without nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, or pine nuts.


Blackbean Corn and Spinach Cakes

Crispy, flaky, melt in your mouth blackbean patties, loaded with protein and iron.

baby after eating chocolateBy Brandy Garcia


Turkey Chili (Indian Style – AKA Keema Rajma)

Turkey Chili with an Indian twist. Loaded with protein and iron.

By Twinmama


Rice Pudding with fresh fruit

Creamy, sweet, and simple dish that your child will love for breakfast.

By Twinmama


Watermelon Sticks

Easy, summery, finger food for your child.

706100-Baby004By AileenWu


Grilled Cheese Triangles

Yummy and quick finger food when you are on the go. My toddlers actually dance when I give them these little grilled cheese triangles. Yup, arms go up, shoulders start shaking, and huge smiles.

baby after eating chocolateBy Brandy Garcia


Carrot Fries

Healthy and delicious baked french fries--without the potato! One taste of these carrot fries, and your little one won't know what they are missing!

By Twinmama


Spinach and Chicken Curry (AKA Saag Chicken)

Protein and iron packed chicken and spinach meal that your toddler and other members of your family will love!

By Twinmama

peach strawberry yogurt smoothie

Peach Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Delicious fruit filled smoothie packed with protein and vitamin C. My toddler kids love to have this as a snack after their midday nap. Could also be fed to babies over 9 months as long as the fruit is steamed/baked before placing into a blender, and you replace the milk with breastmilk or formula.

By Twinmama

pumpkin risotto

Curried Pumpkin Risotto

I am a pumpkin fanatic. I love any recipe that includes it, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin enchiladas, pumpkin pie, you name it. So when I first started making risotto for the kids, I naturally thought I have to make them a pumpkin version. I scoured the web for a recipe, but all of them included either too many ingredients, or fresh chopped pumpkin--which can take too much time for a busy mom's schedule. So this recipe is a simplified and kid-friendly version of pumpkin risotto.

By Twinmama


Quick and Healthy Khichdi (Indian Rice and Lentil Porridge)

Babies of Indian descent, who are ready for stage 3 foods, are often given khichdi because its loaded with protein form the lentils, its soft, easy to chew, and simple to make. Khichdi is an Indian staple and you can cook it with as little as 3 ingredients or as much as 20 ingredients. In my experience, the more ingredients means the longer time spent cooking the dish. And with twins, I have had to learn to be efficient and cut corners when possible. This recipe is a favorite of my cuties and is limited to a just a few ingredients.

By Twinmama


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