Cuisine: American

quinoa bites

Mini Quinoa Patties

This finger food has been a game changer in my household. I was looking for something nutritious and substantial that my picky twin toddlers would actually eat! I felt like I was only giving them cheese cubes and chopped fruit. But as soon as they took a bite of this soft, cheesy treat that breaks apart in your mouth (great for toddlers who still only have a couple teeth), I only saw small smiles and giggles as they got devoured. This is so good that even my husband and I couldn't stop eating them!

IMG_9244By Hangrybabies


root veggie medley

Hearty and creamy root vegetable puree made up of sweet potato, carrots, and onions that your baby will love. Mine sure did!

IMG_9244By Hangrybabies


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