Sweetpotato, Spinach, and Chickpea Puree


Sweetpotato, Spinach, and Chickpea Puree

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April 23, 2015

This is a sweet-tasting, healthy and easy-to-prepare meal for your Stage Two eater! Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach baby food is full of vitamins, protein and antioxidants. It’s a great super-charged meal for your little one!

  • Yields: 16 oz


1 count sweet potato

15 oz cooked chickpeas

2 cups baby spinach


Recipe if you have a Baby Food Maker

1Steam the sweet potato (peeled and chopped) and the spinach (make sure to wash thoroughly) together.

2Once the sweet potato and spinach are steam cooked, add in the cooked chickpeas, and puree to desired consistency.

Recipe without a Baby Food Maker

1Pour water into a pot until it is about 1" deep and bring to a boil over high heat.

2While waiting for water to boil, slice sweet potato (thoroughly washed) width wise into approximately six slices.

3Place slices of sweet potato into the pot of boiling water, and cover with lid, and place heat on low.

4After 10 minutes, open lid, and throw in spinach (washed thoroughly). Refill with hot water if it has become low.

5After 5 minutes, check whether sweet potato is done by piercing it with a fork (should go through smoothly). If not, continue to cook for a few minutes.

6Let cool, and remove sweet potato and peel the skin off with your fingers (should be easy to do). Remember to let the potatoes cool first! Reserve the water to use during the blending step.

7Place cooked sweet potato, spinach, and chickpeas into blender and puree to desired consistency. Add some of the water used to steam the sweet potatoes and spinach if needed to improve consistency.

Adapted from: http://projectnursery.com/2015/02/sweet-potato-chickpea-spinach-stage-two-baby-food-recipe/


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